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Last updated November 2022
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Choosing an Online Interior Design Service

Interior design services have, over the years, moved from the physical realm to the digital space. This has totally changed how homeowners and proprietors acquire interior design assistance. Today, you do not need your own interior designer to redesign your home or enhance the interior of a new property. All you need is to identify your preferred online interior design service provider, and the rest of the business will take place over the internet. However, with the increased growth of interior design start-ups offering their services online, it can be quite overwhelming to identify the service provider that best suits your needs. Here is a guide on everything that you should know before choosing your online interior designer.

How Online Interior Design Works

The most important thing to know is that online interior designers are professionals. The only difference is that their work is strictly carried out over the internet. Here is how online interior design services work.

  • Provision of Room Details

Once you have identified your service provider, you will be required to select a design package of your preferred room. This is where you also outline room details, including room description, likes, dislikes, and your budget. After submitting room details, you will be required to upload inspiration photos of what you are looking for and images of your actual room.

  • Designer Matching

Having provided the required room details, your service provider will match you with an interior designer based on your budget and room style. Some service providers allow you to pick your interior designer of choice.

  • Working on the Concept

With the outlined project details, your interior designer creates design concepts that are forwarded to you. Once you give your feedback on either of the concepts, your designer collaborates with you until you come up with your design of choice. The final design concept comes with set-up instructions, custom floor plan, complete room design, and a shopping list of required items.

  • Hire a Purchasing Team

Most interior design service providers have purchase teams that help you in handling the buying of all the pieces necessary for enhancing the interior of your room. You can opt to make the purchases by yourself too.

Benefits of Using Online Interior Design Services

Working with an online interior designer is not only convenient and reliable, but it is also empowering, collaborative, and fun. Here are several reasons why you should use online interior design services.

  • Saves You Money

Online interior design services come at a fraction of what you would have to pay an offline interior designer. With online interior design, you only pay a flat fee and get to be served by the best designers in the market. While the average fee for hiring an offline designer can go for as much as $2,000, it will cost you from as low as $200 to work with an online designer.

  • A Flexible Schedule

Every correspondence and collaboration with an online interior designer takes place over the internet. You do not need to sacrifice any part of your regular schedule to make consultations or coordinate with an interior designer. You only engage your online interior designer when it best suits your schedule. You can chat via phone or a messaging app. With online interior design services, you can have your room wholly designed within a month or less.

  • Customized Services

Your online designer provides you with curated design choices that meet your needs, tastes, and preferences. It is, therefore, easy to incorporate your current furniture with the new design without having to go to the store to procure new furniture sets. You also receive a shopping list that is created as per your budget.

  • Skills and Competence

Most of the interior designers working with particular service providers are the best they are in the market. You are, therefore, guaranteed that the services you receive are professionally outstanding. You also get a chance to engage an interior designer beyond your locality, who will bring fresh ideas on the choice of all your decor to use to achieve your desired interior design.

The Best Online Interior Design Service Providers

Here is a list of the most popular interior design service providers in the US.

  • Autodesk
  • Floor Planner
  • Houzz
  • Sketch up
  • Ikea

In Summary

Online interior design services have made the accessibility of interior design assistance easier and better. With these services, homeowners and proprietors are linked to the best designers in the market at any point in the day. The advantage of using online interior design services is that they are cost-effective, saves time, flexible, and customized. There is every reason why you should consider an online interior designer over the traditional designer. Examples of interior design service providers include Autodesk, Floor Planner, Ikea, Houzz and Sketch up.